Longtime Hawaiʻi publisher Bess Press acquires Daughters of Fire from Koa Books

Longtime Honolulu-based publisher Bess Press (www.besspress.com) has acquired the publishing rights to Daughters of Fire from Koa Books, which recently sold its imprint and all of its titles to other publishers (more on that below). For almost forty years, Bess Press, a family-run house founded by former New Yorker Benjamin "Buddy" Bess, has issued numerous books about Hawaiʻi and the Pacific, making it one of the biggest and most successful publishers in Hawaiʻi.

With over 300 works available, Bess Press is a leading provider of books, eBooks, maps, and other published products. The company also provides publishing consultation to self-publishers, businesses, and non-profit organizations, as well as educational institutions. Daughters of Fire now appears on their list of New Releases (http://www.besspress.com/newreleases).


Founder Buddy Bess (left) remains active in the busy company while his son-in-law David DeLuca (right) manages its day-to-day operations. DeLuca is also President of the Hawaiʻi Book Publishers Association (http://www.hawaiipublishers.org).

Because of Daughters of Fire’s popularity, four Hawaiʻi publishers immediately expressed interest in the novel, but Bess Press was an instant favorite because of its high-quality list, personal approach to authors and booksellers, and proven marketing know-how.  


Buddy Bess talks about the history of Bess Press: https://vimeo.com/110672330

David Deluca discusses the future of the printed book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqC8K83LO9g&nohtml5=False

Link for purchasing Daughters of Fire directly from Bess Press: http://www.besspress.com/all-other-products/daughters-of-fire



After ten years publishing works on personal transformation, social justice, and Hawaiʻi, publisher Arnie Kotler sold his celebrated imprint and all of its titles to other publishers—including two of its most successful Hawaiʻi books to Bess Press, Daughters of Fire and Georgia O’Keeffe’s Hawaiʻi. The Koa Books imprint, with most of its other titles, is now part of North Carolina-based Chiron Publications (www.chironpublications.com).


Koa Books Publisher Arnie Kotler; Kotler with Tom Peek and Dr. Takiora Ingram, Director of the Pacific Writers Connection (www.pacificwriters.org) at Barnes & Noble in Honolulu.

Kotler leaves his role as editor and publisher of, first, Parallax Press in Berkeley, then Koa Books on Maui, to open a freelance editing and publishing consulting studio, Arnie Kotler Editorial Services (www.arniekotlereditingservices.com).

“I’m so glad Bess Press acquired the rights to Daughters of Fire,” Kotler told daughtersoffire.com. “They are a great publisher and will find new readers and new outlets for this important Hawaiʻi novel.”

Best of luck, Arnie, and mahalo for successfully launching Daughters of Fire!