Why I chose Koa Books to publish my novel

Tom Peek

When I read that Koa Books published works about social justice, spirituality, and native cultures, I knew I had to approach publisher Arnie Kotler with Daughters of Fire. I sensed immediately that he would recognize and appreciate what I was trying to portray in the novel. This initial feeling was reinforced by each conversation we had, before and after Arnie decided to publish the book. Here was the intelligent and conscientious publisher I had been looking for—a truly independent publisher dedicated to quality books that might positively impact our world. Our conversations also demonstrated that Arnie possessed a deep appreciation for Hawai'i and the contemporary struggles of Native Hawaiians.

Koa Books was also the only Hawai'i publisher with both a national and a local distributor, someone who could effectively get my story into the hands of my three primary audiences—Americans long fascinated by Hawai'i, visitors who seek a deeper understanding of the people they encounter during their island travels, and local Hawai'i residents whose lives have too often been represented superficially in American literature.

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About the Publisher

Arnie Kotler Koa Books
Arnie Kotler

Koa Books publishes books fostering a deeper understanding of personal transformation, social justice, and Hawaiʻi. Arnie Kotler established Koa Books in 2005, bringing with him two decades of publishing experience. In 1985 he cofounded Parallax Press in Berkeley, California with celebrated Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh and served as Parallax Editor and Publisher for many years. Kotler lives near Hana, Maui with his wife, distinguished dharma teacher Therese Fitzgerald. For press materials please see the compiled press kit page.

Watch Arnie discuss the history and background of Koa Books in this video interview.


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Arnie has an unerring instinct for agents of change and has been able to deliver their messages.  - Publisher's Weekly